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London Dance Floor Hire is Part of Corporate Events UK Ltd. As always are proud to of been the first supplier in the UK with this new product Please see below for full details. This special floor at the moment is down to just 4 a square foot and includes operator, book the pixel star cloth with the dance floor and get it for an extra 500 all plus vat.
Pixel Dance Floor Hire Colour Changing Pixel Dance Floor Hire

Colour Changing Pixel Dance Floor

LED Pixel Retro Dance Floor Hire
LED Colour Changing Retro Dance Floor Hire

I am sure most people watched the opening and or closing ceremonies of the London Olympics 2012. I am sure you will agree they were amazing the majority of the effects were the same sort of pixel technology of our dance floors.

Our very latest Dance Floors include:

Pixel Dance Floors: The next generation of dance floor is in the great city of London.

This is the very latest in technology built in to dance floors and even in our pixel star cloth, basically doing limitless patterns and colour generating, pretty much doing whatever a computer can do and your imagination can dream up.

This floor comes complete with an operator, and is not suitable for outside use.

Already we are leading the way in testing another pixel floor which is more than double the resolution of the current existing pixel dance floors that are currently available.

What an earth is pixel floor you ask yourself?

Basic features in good old plain English

  • Replaced our current Night Fever/Retro floor as it is low to the ground and therefore safe and much better looking
  • Limitless image and patterns can be programmed
  • Can write messages and produce animations
  • Can produce company logos and names
  • Simple assembly
  • Only 28mm off the floor with standard edges
  • When turned off nobody will even know what it is imagine the Wow! Factor?
  • Can be laid in conjunction with the following floors. All black and white styles of dance floor. Led Floors and even the mirrored dance floor.
  • Width of the floor anything dividable by 2ft or 610mm the depth is anything dividable by 4ft or 1220mm
  • Can run up to 6400 sq ft of pixel flooring, plus the pixel star cloths
  • Can only be laid on a solid flat surface
  • Low voltage - safe!
  • Simple assembly
  • 32768 colours
  • Full dimming
  • Strobe function
  • MADRIXT decoder. Full MADRIX control.

We specialise in dance floors and flooring for all types of events and functions.

All of our dance floors are of top quality and will be delivered and fitted by our highly trained engineers at the venue of your choice. Please contact us for further information or for an obligation free quote on your dance floor needs.

Led colour changing dance floors are ideal for all events and occasions including weddings, themed events, corporate, private and public events, parties and many more. So contact us today for an obligation free dance floor hire quote.

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